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About MB

How two sad mother-f****s ended up running this website.

sub title
One day, a bitter and jaded bandhead who'd grown tired of his "bowling-alley celebrity" decided to forsake his lifestyle of drunkenness and debauchery for something else. So he impregnated his girlfriend (now his wife), shaved his head (to prevent any rock-star relapses), took a regular job and bought a computer.

Simultaneously, said bandhead abandoned commercial radio and decided to see if there was anything worth listening to in local music. The computer turned out to be just the tool for his newfound domesticity and soon thereafter he discovered Michganartists.com (M.A.). He was quite taken with the ability to browse through hundreds of local artists (who knew there were so many?) and listen to their music online with the click of a button.

After a few weeks of browsing, finding some real gems among the garden-variety rocks, that same foolish and gullible ex-bandhead said to himself, "I wonder if there's anything I can do to help get the word out about all this?" An e-mail to M.A.'s webmaster sealed his fate.

Webmaster Rick replied that, yes, in fact, they could use some help. "What would you like to do?" Having dabbled in writing reviews for Jam Rag and articles about band-life for Common Time, said bandhead officially became the new M.A. hack.

But all was not well in that camp. M.A.'s founding matriarch, though a true-believer and tireless promoter of local music, was suspicious of her partner's comraderie, making it increasingly difficult to ge anything done without her direct participation and handlng of every detail. Instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to delegate some authority and expand the site's capabilities, trust and sanity went out the window (which, unfortunately, we found to be a typical pattern in the local "music scene").

So, Webmaster Rick and his new volunteer jumped ship from Michiganartists.com (M.A.) and formed Michiganbands.com (M.B.). in or around 2001. That bitter and jaded ex-bandhead volunteer became the bitter and jaded volunteer editor/reviewer known as "Mitch".

Michiganbands.com started out with great hopes and aspirations about what could be accomplished in the way of educating the public about local music without realizing how much time, energy and money that would take. Lacking all three of those crucial ingredients, Michiganbands.com has basically become a press outlet for local bands and contains the occassional music review and give-away promotion. But over the years all that content has stacked up and it's all still here.

So we didn't change the world, but we've managed to keep the doors open and we sincerely hope this website can serve as a convenient press outlet for your Michigan band or a launch-pad for adventurous music lovers everywhere.

So tune out, turn on and dig in to local music. Priceless gems await those with a sense of adventure.

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Published on: 2002-02-24 (48902 reads)

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