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Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 @ 19:54:41 UTC
Topic: Michigan Bands News

Detroit's longest running and only magazine dedicated solely to independent music from the Detroit area, Jam Rag, has finally arrived online. After 18 years as a print-only publication, publisher Tom Ness says he's excited about finally bringing Jam Rag into the 21st Century. "We're about ten years late," Ness said. Better late than never I say. Click "Read More" for a list of the site's features.

Currently the JamRag.com site features:
  • Contact Info
  • An "about us" section including Jam Rag's mission statement, writer's info, editorial policies, contributor guidelines, surveys, disclaimer
  • "Sevices" section which includes information about listening parties, a future space for a message board, a "gig swap" co-op (under development), Open mic's (under development), and an ADD YOUR LINK FREE page
  • "Support" section for becoming a sustainer, getting a sustainer manual and newsletter
  • Merchandise - Jam Rag grab bags.
  • Distribution - a list of places to find Jam Rag
  • Advertising - rate guide and publication schedule.

    The Jam Rag site is still under construction and not all of the features are operational. Unfortunately, their current web host allows irritating pop-up ads but that may change in the near future.

    "Jamrag.com is just getting started," Said Tom Ness. "Look for a grand opening around February or March."

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